Gardner Street Tea

Glow - 50 grams Loose Leaf Tea

Rs. 450

Ingredients: Whole Leaf Green Tea, Hibiscus Petals and Marigold Petals

Includes: 50 grams Loose Leaf Tea

Directions: 1 cup of iced tea can be made using 1 tea bag.
This tin is good for 20 glasses of iced tea.
For a stronger serving, you can double the quantity of tea used.

Best time to consume: Best had as an evening fix.

Caffeine quantity: Medium

Health benefits: Aids weight loss, Clears and tightens the skin, Improves hair health

In today’s crazy world, our Glow tea can be your Elixir of Youth. This floral blend of high quality, anti-oxidant rich green tea and ‘Nature’s Botox’, better known as Hibiscus, is sure to leave your skin clear and your hair shining. The next time someone asks you the secret to your vibrance and youth, be a good friend and share this tea, will you?

This tea shown here is not pre-iced. All teas come in either sachets or as loose leaf tea and can be made iced by following the pour over or cold brew method. Click here for the brewing instructions.

Tin Size: 7.7x7.7x10.4 cm