Can drinking green tea help one lose weight?

Yes, drinking green tea regularly can increase the metabolism of your body and help you get better results from your workout or any physical activity. This in turn is of great help if you’re trying to lose weight.

What is the advantage of silken sachets over regular tea bags?
The silken sachets were specially made to offer the convenience of a teabag while still maintaining the high quality of tea one would use while brewing loose leaf tea. Therefore, these silken sachets offer enough room for luxurious whole-leaf teas to swirl and release their flavours while brewing.

Additionally, these silken sachets are made from a high quality, heat stable silken nylon which does not disintegrate in hot water as opposed to the bleached paper used for regular teabags. The bleach as well as the staple pin used in regular teabags often releases harmful chemicals once put in hot water.

Does tea contain caffeine?
Yes, but a cup of tea contains significantly less caffeine than a cup of coffee. Tea also contains L-Theanine that helps counter the harmful effects of caffeine.

What care should I take while storing tea?
The first and foremost precaution while storing tea is to keep it away from air, light, moisture and heat. Avoid storing tea in the cabinet right above the stove. It might be convenient for the kettle but not conducive for storing tea. Store tea in air-tight containers. Moreover, never put a damp teaspoon back in the container to scoop more tea.

What is cold brewing?
Cold brewing is one of the simplest and possibly the healthiest brewing technique that can be used for any kind of tea. Brew your chosen tea in a glass of water and refrigerate it for 8 hours or more without removing the tea from it. Take your glass out, remove the tea bag/leaves and savour a refreshingly healthy glass. Cold brewing is especially recommended for green teas as it makes their flavour smoother and sweeter.

How can I brew iced tea?
If you do not have the time to cold brew your iced teas then you can follow the undermentioned technique to brew a refreshing glass of iced tea:

Brew your tea with a higher ratio of tea to water (as compared to hot teas) so that you get a stronger brew, at least twice as strong as the hot tea brew. If you want an even stronger brew, do not steep it for longer, instead add more tea. Let the infusion cool down before pouring it over ice cubes so that it doesn’t become too diluted. Adding sweetener when the tea is still hot makes it dissolve more rapidly. The best dissolving sweeteners for serving iced teas are brown sugar and honey.

Why are Gardner Street teas costlier than the regular commercial variety teas?
At Gardner Street we go that extra mile to make sure that we source not just the best quality teas but also the freshest and purest fruits, flowers and herbs to blend with the teas. This process makes the teas infinitely better and just a tad costlier.

That said, because we use only whole-leaf teas, our teas can be used to make at least 2 cups of tea per teabag/teaspoon. This effectively reduces the cost per cup and results in a far superior cup of tea for the same price as a commercially available teabag, which can only make a single brew.

Are your teas gluten-free?
Yes but please be aware that our teas do not come from gluten-free facilities

Do your teas contain any sugar or calories?
Our teas contain no sugar, carbohydrates, fats or calories.

Is green tea bitter?
Green tea has a slight astringency, kind off like dark chocolate. It only turns bitter when brewed incorrectly. Just follow our brewing instructions and you will be able to get a delicious cup of tea every time.