Gardner Street Tea

Chai Matcha

Rs. 550
Ingredients: Stone ground Japanese Matcha, Cinnamon, Ginger and Cardamom

Includes: 20 gms - 0.5 gms makes 1 serving (total of 40 servings). 

Best time to consume: First thing in the morning as the perfect antioxidant filled tonic or before a workout for an added boost.

Caffeine quantity:

Health Benefits: Boosts weight loss and burns Calories, Boosts Energy without the crash, Boosts focus.

Adding an Indian twist always makes things better. Stone ground Japanese Matcha marries classic Indian chai spices to give you that perfect morning caffeine boost with a spice filled kick. With 8x the anti-oxidants of green tea, Matcha is the weight-loss superfood you've been looking for!