Gardner Street Tea

White Raspberry - 15 Pyramid Tea Bags

Rs. 550

Ingredients: Whole Leaf White Tea, Rose Petals, Natural Raspberry Flavor

Includes: 15 pyramid non-bleach tea bags
Each tea bag makes 2 cups of tea

Best time to consume: Best had as a bedtime tea. 

Caffeine quantity: Low

Health Benefits: Helps with fat loss, Stops the process of skin ageing, Improves skin and hair health

With more anti-oxidants than green tea and significantly less caffeine, these subtly sweet and delicate White tea leaves are the perfect remedy for a long day. The addition of delicate rose petals and raspberry, adds a delicious nuance to this blend.When consumed regularly, white tea prevents the creation of fat cells in the body and reduces visible signs of skin ageing.

Tin Size: 7.7x7.7x10.4 cm