Gardner Street Tea

Flower Power - 20 Pyramid Tea Bags

Rs. 450

Ingredients: Whole Leaf Green Tea, Rose petals and Hibiscus petals

Includes: 20 pyramid non-bleach teabags 
Each tea bag makes 2 cups of tea

Best time to consume: Best had as an evening fix

Caffeine quantity: Medium

Health Benefits: Expedites weight loss, Lowers BP, Fights depression and tiredness

Let the heady aroma of rose fill up your nostrils as you sip on this immunity boosting green tea. Enjoy the floral notes on your taste buds while the Hibiscus strengthens your immune system to take on everything in your way. The tartness of hibiscus beautifully balances the sweetness of rose in this signature blend. A cup of tea that’s perfect for knocking off that stubborn weight.

Tin Size: 7.7x7.7x10.4 cm