Gardner Street Tea

Lavender Love - 50g of Loose Leaf Tea

Rs. 500

Ingredients: Lavender Flowers, Lemongrass, Peppermint & Rose Petals

Includes: 50 gms Loose tea leaves

Directions: 1 cup of iced tea can be made using 2g of loose leaf tea.
This tin is good for 50 glasses of iced tea.
For a stronger serving, you can double the quantity of tea used.

Best time to consume: Best had as a bedtime tea. 

Caffeine quantity: Caffeine Free

Health benefits: Fights insomnia and helps induce sleep, Aids digestion, Eases stomach cramps, Relieves stress

Let this soothing blend of fragrant lavender and sweet peppermint guide you to your happy place. Some days are full of hi-fives, while others are full of lessons learnt. On days like those, we all need something to make us feel like everything is going to be okay. So, put on the kettle, play some happy music and let this caffeine-free Herbal Infusion blend help you go to bed on a calm note. After all, tomorrow is a new day.

This tea shown here is not pre-iced. All teas come in either sachets or as loose leaf tea and can be made iced by following the pour over or cold brew method. Click here for the brewing instructions.

Tin Size: 7.7x7.7x10.4 cm