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40 Servings


Rs. 450

Ingredients: Whole Leaf Green Tea, Fennel, Star Anise & Mint 

Includes: 20 pyramid non-bleach teabags or 50gms loose tea
Each tea bag/2gms makes 2 cups of tea.

Best time to consume: Best consumed post-lunch. 

Caffeine quantity: Medium

Health benefits: Aids digestion, helps with weight loss, Reduces bloating, Helps in Body Detox 

Looking to feel lighter after a binge? Look no further for that Perfect Digestive. This delicious combination of Fennel, Star Anise and Peppermint is here to make sure that you never regret enjoying your favourite food again. Rejoice! Your stomach now has a new best friend.

Tin Size: 7.7x7.7x10.4 cm