Gardner Street Tea

Coconut Oolong

Rs. 450

Ingredients: Whole Leaf Oolong Tea, Coconut Flakes, Stevia Leaves

Includes: 20 pyramid non-bleach teabags or 50gms loose tea
Each tea bag/2gms makes 2 cups of tea.

Best time to consume:  Best consumed in the morning to kick start your day

Caffeine quantity:  High

Health Benefits: Expedites weight loss, Improves bone and teeth health, Boosts digestion

Coconut Oolong is a delightful tea blend that combines the smooth and fragrant characteristics of Oolong tea with the rich, tropical flavor of coconut and the sweetness of stevia. This unique fusion creates a harmonious balance between the natural sweetness of Oolong and the creamy, nutty notes of coconut, resulting in a truly exotic and enticing guilt-free tea experience.

Refreshing hot or cold, this tea blend is perfect for coconut lovers!

Tin Size: 7.7x7.7x10.4 cm