The "Try It All" Set

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The "Try It All" Set

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Can’t decide which teas to try? Why not have them all! Get a sampler of pack of 12 of our whole leaf tea blends with 2 pyramid teabags or 4 gms of loose-leaf tea each! With a total of 24 single servings, our ‘Try It All’ set is a great starter pack for the uninitiated. Welcome to the world of Gardner Street Tea!

With this set, also get an interactive leaflet on which you can track which teas you've tried, rate them, and also place an order on the leaflet, directly through WhatsApp!

Teas included in this set - 
Detox - 2 Pyramid Teabags
Glow - 2 Pyramid Teabags
Light - 2 Pyramid Teabags
Heal - 2 Pyramid Teabags
Chinese Whispers - 2 Pyramid Teabags
Moroccan Mint - 2 Pyramid Teabags
Flower Power - 2 Pyramid Teabags
Berry Good - 2 Pyramid Teabags
Lemon Aid - 2 Pyramid Teabags
Kashmiri Kahwa - 4g Loose-Leaf Tea
Lavender Love - 4g Loose-Leaf Tea
South African Rooibos - 4g Loose-Leaf Tea