Gardner Street Tea

The "Try It All" Set

Rs. 800

Can’t decide which teas to try? Why not have them all!

Teas included in this set - 
Glow - Loose-Leaf Tea
Light - Loose-Leaf Tea
Heal - Loose-Leaf Tea
Detox - Pyramid Teabags
Chinese Whispers - Loose-Leaf Tea
Pink Lemonade - Loose-Leaf Tea
Imperial Earl Grey - Loose-Leaf Tea
Moroccan Mint - Loose-Leaf Tea
Flower Power - Loose-Leaf Tea
Lavender love - Loose-Leaf Tea
Kashmiri Kahwa - Loose-Leaf Tea
South African Rooibos - Loose-Leaf Tea
Blue Youth - Loose-Leaf Tea
Peppermint Matcha - Loose Tea
Chai Matcha - Loose Tea
Japanese Matcha - Loose Tea

Get a sampler of pack of 16 of our whole leaf tea blends with trial quantities of each! With the option to same all our teas, our ‘Try It All’ set is a great starter pack for the uninitiated. Welcome to the world of Gardner Street Tea!