Gardner Street Tea

Japanese Matcha

Rs. 600

Ingredients: Stone-ground matcha green tea.

20 gms - 0.5 gms makes 1 serving (total of 40 servings). 

Best time to consume:
In the morning or before a workout for an added boost.

Caffeine quantity:

Health Benefits:
Boosts weight loss and burns Calories, Boosts Energy without the crash, Boosts focus.

Calling all Matcha lovers! This matcha is our greenest, creamiest matcha yet! Sourced from the exclusive Shizuoka region of Japan, no stone was left un-turned in cultivating and harvesting these leaves. The proof as they is in the Matcha and its vibrant green colour. Here’s the kicker – Matcha has 8-10x the anti-oxidants and metabolism boosting properties of other green teas.

Tin size: 5.2 x 5.2 x 5.6 cm.