Gardner Street Tea

White Raspberry - 30 grams Loose Tea

Rs. 550

Ingredients: Whole Leaf White Tea, Rose Petals, Natural Raspberry Flavor

Includes: 30 grams loose leaf tea

Best time to consume: Best had as a bedtime tea. 

Caffeine quantity: Low

Health Benefits: Helps with fat loss, Stops the process of skin ageing

With more anti-oxidants than green tea and significantly less caffeine, these subtly sweet and delicate White tea leaves are the perfect remedy for a long day. The addition of delicate rose petals and raspberry, adds a delicious nuance to this blend.When consumed regularly, white tea prevents the creation of fat cells in the body and reduces visible signs of skin ageing.

This tea shown here is not pre-iced. All teas come in either sachets or as loose leaf tea and can be made iced by following the pour over or cold brew method. Click here for the brewing instructions.

Tin Size: 7.7x7.7x10.4 cm